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Bethany was loved by so many.  Please share a memory for her family and friends.



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Bethany was an absolute angel with an incredibly compassionate heart. Bethany radiated goodness and kindness and a purity of soul that made everyone around her so much better in terms of how to be good and gracious in this world. Bethany made this world so much better, so much more kind and generous. I will always look up to and admire Bethany and I will always remember Bethany as inspiration to how we should all properly treat others with respect and care. I've thought for decades and have often told people that the most important thing I look for in establishing friendships is connecting with people with great moral capacity, with genuine goodness and kindness in their hearts. Since Bethany's passing, I often have replaced this thought with simply finding future friends that have the goodness and kindness of Bethany. We all wish Bethany would still be with us, and it pains us to be separated from her. She was so incredibly kind to all other beings and showed such respect and sensitivity to all. She was so amazing in her generosity and caring of others. She will live in my heart forever. Her goodness, kindness, and compassion will always be remembered in my heart. I think often of Bethany and reflect upon her in the highest honor. She was an outstanding human being. Her amazing qualities of compassion, care and genuine goodness will stay in my mind and heart forever.

Steve Eslami

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